Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Program Work?

The 3-Day Soup Reset is very manageable, as everything is provided for you. This proven and effective program includes 12 pints of soup, plus a detailed guide, a Facebook group, daily emails and a 1:1 call with me. It’s run as a guided group program, so you are supported every step of the way. There is a list of suggested snacks so that you don’t feel hungry during the program. The goal is to give your body 3 days to “reset” by removing potential food allergens, toxins, and difficult to digest foods. You return to basics by eating plant-based, nourishing soups, without toxins and chemicals. All soups are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, grain free and free of top allergens. The 3-Day Soup Reset is a great way to get back on track after too many weekends out or as a way to reset your body as the seasons change. 

What is the 3-Day Soup Reset?

The 3-Day Soup Reset is a transformational program, which includes fresh, chef-prepared soups plus coaching to jumpstart your healthy habits. The program enables you to gently reset your digestive system and supports the elimination of toxins by removing inflammatory and processed foods. During the three days, you nourish your body with wholesome, nourishing soups. Use the program to get back on track, to reset your system when you are feeling a bit off, or to stay consistent with your healthy habits. 

How do I order and what should I expect?
  1. Follow the prompts on the website to register and pay for the current Reset.
  2. The cut-off for the next Reset is 6 days prior to the reset by midnight. Once you’ve paid and your order has been confirmed with the chef, there are no refunds.
  3. Soups (12 pints, 3 of each selection for the current month) are freshly and delivered to you the day before the program starts. The driver will text you after delivery if you are not home to receive the soups. If you are not home, please leave a large cooler with ice packs and the soups will be delivered into the cooler.
  4. Refrigerate all soups when you receive them.
  5. A program guide will be emailed to at least three days before the program begins with tips to get prepared. A private Facebook group is available for daily support throughout the program and for several weeks thereafter.
  6. A suggested schedule is included with the program, but you can tailor it to meet your needs.
  7. A list of suggested snacks is included in the guide to supplement your soups and keep you satiated throughout. These are optional for you to purchase on your own.
  8. You receive a complementary post reset strategy call with Elizabeth Girouard, CHHC, CWMA at the end of the reset.
What Are Your Pricing Options?

Your long-term health and wellness are our focus at Pure Simple Wellness. We offer three different options for the Reset Program. You can subscribe for monthly delivery, which is the most cost-effective option, quarterly delivery, or a pay as you go option. Since doing the Reset Program regularly helps you to stay focused on your healthy habits, we suggest you complete the program at least quarterly for the best results. The monthly subscription option requires a minimum of 3-month commitment and the quarterly option requires a 6-month commitment (two times). After that, you can cancel at any time.

What Are the Benefits of Monthly Subscription?

As a monthly subscriber, you save a significant amount each month on your soups and support. In addition, you are a continuous member of the private Reset Facebook group with monthly ‘office hours’ where you can get answers to your specific nutrition and wellness questions. You are able to receive special orders each month and add a family member at the reduced rate at least once a quarter. You are automatically enrolled in the monthly program, no additional work is required to sign-up, and you are guaranteed enrollment. In addition, you are able to add a family member once a quarter at the same reduced monthly rate.

Where Are the Soups Prepared?

All soups are freshly prepared locally at a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen in New Jersey. We personally develop the menu, locate the ingredients, craft the soups in small batches, package the soups and deliver them to your door. We are ServSafe certified and board of health inspected.

Where Do You Deliver?

Currently, we deliver to Berkeley Heights, the Chathams, Madison, Millburn, Mountainside, New Providence, Short Hills, and Summit, NJ. If you live close to these areas and would like to arrange for pick-up, please email [email protected]

Can I Pick-up or Receive a Delivery If I Live outside of Your Delivery Zone?

Yes, pick-up is available in Summit, NJ if you live outside of the delivery zone. In addition, we are able to extend delivery to towns adjoining our delivery zone on a case-by-case basis.

There will be an addition delivery fee and/or ordering minimum depending on location. Please email [email protected] for more information.

I Am Gluten-Free and/or Dairy-Free. Can I Eat the Soups?

Yes! All soups are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free and made with fresh ingredients. The soups are also free of top allergens like soy, nuts, and shellfish.

Do the Soups Contain Allergens?

All soups are free of top allergens: No dairy, no gluten, no soy, no corn flour, no white flours or sugars, no animal products, no nuts, no shellfish, no grains, no chemicals, or preservatives – Yet still full of flavor!!

Is This a ‘Cleanse’? Why Soups Instead of Juices?

This program is more of a reset, than a cleanse. Soups are provided rather than juices, as juice cleanses can leave you feeling tired and depleted, and mess with your blood sugar. The soup reset includes real foods, in nourishing soups, to support your body to reduce belly bloat, increase energy, sleep better, and reduce brain fog. This is much more than a soup cleanse as you receive expert support, guidance, and inspiration before, during, and after the program. Studies have shown, it’s useful to give your digestion a break and gently cleanse your body seasonally or a few times per year (1)

How Frequently Can I Do This Program?

You can do this program as often as you would like. Studies have shown it’s useful to give your digestion a break and gently cleanse your body at least seasonally. (2)

What If I Don’t Like One of The Soups Offered?

The soups for each month have been specially curated for the program. If you are not able to eat one of the soups on the monthly menu, please email [email protected] prior to ordering to discuss the possibility to receive 4 pints of 3 soups, instead of 3 pints of 4 types of soup. The are no alternative options each month. Only 4 soups are created each month.

What If I Don’t Eat All of the Soups During the Program?
The soups are freshly prepared right before the program begins. Since the soups are freshly prepared and don’t contain any preservatives, if you do not eat all of the soups within five days, we suggest you freeze the soups to enjoy at a later date.
What If I Prefer to Eat Only 3 Soups per Day?

No problem! If you prefer to eat 3 soups per day and supplement with snacks, you can extend the program to 4 days or you can freeze the remaining soups to enjoy at a later date.

What If I’m Hungry During the Program?

You are not meant to be starving or miserable during the program. The program guide contains a list of suggested snacks that can be enjoyed along with the soups. The goal is to remove the less healthful foods from your diet.

Do I Have to Eat All of the Soups?

During the program, you are encouraged to eat when you are physically hungry. If you are not hungry for all the soups, it’s okay to save them for another day. We suggest you eat or freeze the soups within 5 days. Be sure to eat enough food during the program to fuel your body for your daily activities.

How Long Will the Soups Last?
The soups are prepared fresh right before the Reset begins. They will last at least 5 days in the fridge. If you plan to eat them after that timeframe, please freeze them. The soups will keep for at least 6 months in the freezer.
Can I Do This Program If I Am Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Please check with your doctor before doing this program. He/she might recommend that you add 4-6 ounces of baked, broiled or grilled wild fish to your lunch and/or dinner. Be sure to follow his/her recommendations before doing it.

What If I Won’t Be Home for My Soup Delivery?

Soups are delivered in the afternoon/evening, the day before the program begins. If you are not planning to be home, please leave a large cooler with ice packs, email [email protected] and the soups will be delivered into the cooler. The driver will text you after delivery if you are not home to receive the soups.

What Happens If I Have a Subscription but Won’t Be Able to Participate in One of My Scheduled Reset Programs?

If you are not able to participate in the scheduled program you have several options:

  1. You can request we hold your soups in the freezer for up to a week for you to pick up when you return.
  2. You can gift the soups to a friend or family member who lives in our delivery area and we will deliver to them instead of you.
  3. You can choose to donate your soups to a needed family through the G.R.A.C.E program in Summit.
  4. You can put your monthly subscription on hold one time for each six month period by emailing [email protected] at least 10 days before the program starts.

Please notify us at least 10 days in advance if you require one of these options.

Can I Transfer My Subscription If I Won’t Be Able to Do the Program One Month?

You can give your soups to a local friend or family member and we will deliver the soups to their home instead of yours. Please notify us at least 10 days in advance of delivery to ensure they are within our delivery zone.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you are a monthly subscriber and have completed at least 3 monthly resets, please email: [email protected] to cancel for the future month. 

If you are a quarterly subscriber and have completed at least 2 quarterly resets, please email: [email protected] to cancel. 

Ten days advance notice from the upcoming reset is required to cancel your program.

NOTE: Once the soups are ordered with the chef, we are not able to cancel them.


How Can I Change from a Monthly to a Quarterly Subscription or a Quarterly to Monthly Subscription?

Please email [email protected] by the end of the month to change your subscription preference for the upcoming month, and at least ten days prior to the next reset date. Your account is billed monthly at the start of the month for your current subscription rate.

If I Have a Quarterly Subscription, How Do I Know What Months My Soups Will Be Delivered?
Your soups are delivered every three months if you are on the quarterly program, based upon your initial month of purchase. For example, if you start your quarterly subscription in January, you will participate in the January, April, July, and October Resets until you change or cancel your subscription. Changes to your quarterly preferences cannot be guaranteed and will be handled on a case-by-case basis, depending upon availability.
If I Have a Quarterly Subscription, How Can I Add Extra Resets for Additional Months?

If you would like to purchase an additional month at your discounted rate, please email [email protected] and specify your request. A private link will be emailed for the additional reset payment.

What if I Want to Add Another Reset for a Family Member at the Same Household?

If you would like to purchase an additional reset at your discounted rate, please email [email protected] and specify your request. A private link will be emailed for the additional reset payment.